Miniature Clay Charm ~ Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Please note this charm is MADE TO ORDER and I will aim to ship the charm within 1 week of your order (7 days from your order to shipping date maximum). I will keep you updated on your order and should problems arise I will work with you to resolve them. I have all the materials in stock for this charm so the turn around should be shorter than a week.  Although this charm is made to order, it will look the same as the photo.

One Sorting Hat polymer clay charm.

A perfect charm which which is handmade by me in my studio and can be made as a stitch marker or progress keeper.

Please select which House you'd like the Sorting Hat to sort you into and the first letter of your House will be marked underneath the hat.

It can also be used as a beautiful progress keeper to keep a track of your knitting progress or to mind dropped stitches.  Can be altered to a stitch marker on a ring is ideal for marking the beginning of a round, lace pattern, etc. 

Please note socks, yarn and needles are only shown for bag sizing and not included - only the stitch marker/progress keeper as stated in the title.

  • £4.50