Knitters Carry All Tote - tote shoulder bag for knitters and crafters. Tote project bag

Due to the Christmas break, all orders for these Totes will be posted by 10th January 2020 at the latest.

The Knitters Carry All Tote is the prefect bag for knitters and crafters.  The inside has a built in project bag to keep work in progress projects and central notions pouch along with a pocket for patterns and needles, a stitch marker keeper, back zip and the opening in the lining I designed to allow pin badge backs to be kept away from bag contents.  This Tote bag is following on from the success of the Knitters Carry All Backpack and uses the same inside design ideas.

The Tote bag has two long handles made from canvas to use for carrying the bag on your shoulder.  The Tote is made from water resistant canvas and is fulling lined inside.

The outside back of the bag has a set in zip pocket thats ideal for storing a purse/wallet and phone, it's nice and secure if you wear this side of the bag against your body.

When designing this bag, I asked myself the same question I did when designing the Backpack and asked myself what makes a Tote bag become a Knitters Tote?  This thinking lead me to design various inside features:

  • a clear PVC long pocket that is stitched to the inside back ideal for storing a folded pattern or needles
  • a clip for stitch marker storage or for keeping keys handy
  • a sewn in zip Notions Pouch in the centre of the bag, this is only stitched in place along the sides and not the bottom so it is flexible enough to move a little if you want to put extra items in either side compartment
  • this Notions Pouch has a flap which can be lifted over your yarn and WIP and fastened to the lining of the bag by a popper to become a built in project bag! This is soft in structure so it can fit either 2 100g cakes of 4 ply or a small garment project such as sweater on the needles and the yarn cake that's being used. There is a small amount of room around the edge of this flap to enable this space to be flexible for your needs, for instance you could choose to place your yarn and project together or place the project in the front area and keep the yarn in the back, there is room for the needle cord at the sides. Or you could simply leave it open and tuck the flap flat against the notions pouch to use the space however you wish.
  • And here's a clever secret this bag has...inside the lining of the bag is an opening made with three poppers.  This can be opened and it allows you to slip your hand inside the bag between the outer canvas fabric and the lining.  This is so that when you want to add the super popular enamel pins and badges to decorate your bag, the backings of these are away from the contents of the bag.  So the yarn and projects in the bag are not at any risk of snagging on the backings of the pins!  This is an idea I designed and unveiled in December 2017 in the Canvas Cube Project Bags.

The photos show the Tote with 5 skeins of yarn in the main body of the bag and 2 cakes and hat on the needles within the project bag section.  The Notions Pouch inside is designed to be soft and flexible to move to either side of the bag to adapt to whatever you decide to put in inside the Tote.

The below video gives a full tour of the bag, both inside and out, shows the amount of items that it can fit, how to add a pin badge and what the backpack looks like when being worn.

The bag measures 15in high and 16.5in wide on the back, the base is 4in wide.

The bag comes with grey zips on the outside and great top stitching and a cream lining with a white zip on the inside regardless of canvas colour chosen.

Photos show the bag made up in Black.  The other colours are shown in as swatches.

Please keep in mind that as Canvas is a natural material, there maybe the odd slub/bump/mark/line on the fabric but this a natural element and I will always try and ensure these little marks are on the base of the bag. Although when the opening inside the lining is open, there will be raw seams of the bag exposed but once the poppers are fastened these will no longer be on show.  

Please keep in mind I photograph everything in natural light but colours appear slightly different due to your monitor settings, etc.  

Please note everything in the photos is only shown for bag sizing and not included - only the bag.