Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter notion pouch

Made from a natural linen effect fabric with a few slubs, I picked this fabric for the colour and texture so it looks the like real parchment I think Dumbledore would prefer. I used a still of the first movie to get the details on this bag just right. The front is addressed to Mr H. Potter and the back has a Hogwarts banner and red wax seal. This is completely handmade and the lettering is handwritten in the style of the film by me.

This zippered bag is just the right size for popping inside larger project bags or just for keeping your stitch counters, needles, etc handy. As per the photographs I have placed a scissors, tape measure, crochet hook and row counter inside and they all fit in with a little room to spare.

Fully lined inside.

The style of this bag is a wedge so it opens up nice and wide and stands up on its own. The size measures approx 7.25" wide 4.5"high and 2.25" in depth of the bottom wedge.

Please note only the bag/pouch is include in the price and the other items are for photo reasons only.

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