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Halloween Kit - Spooky!

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Halloween Kits back this year for the 3rd time!  AND they're even better as you can choose your size of bag and new for 2018...they come with YARN!

These kits are to include a Project Bag in size of your choice and a DPN/Circular Cozy PLUS lots of secret goodies plus 100g skein of exclusive Halloween themed yarn from the amazing dyers at Lay Family Yarn (4 ply weight).

There is a choice of either cute or spooky fabrics, you pick one theme and I will then put your kit together. There are two listings : please choose either the CUTE theme or the SPOOKY theme (this listing is for Spooky).

In the photos are the ideas I have for fabrics, I will select one of these fabrics and pair it with a co-ordinating base.  Apart from all the kits having the same DPN/Circular needle cozy print, each kit will be slightly different so they are all a little unique...different fabrics will be used for each bag.  These kits are STRICTLY LIMITED in number!  The photo of the complete kit is the one that was sent out last year to give you an idea of what you'll receive.

The secret goodies could include stitch markers, sweeties, progress keepers, stickers, zipper pulls, pens, polymer clay charm progress keeper, decorations, yummy drinks...its going to be hard to stop myself!

The actual print on your bag will be a fun surprise but will be one of the SPOOKY fabrics shown in the photos.. The DPN/Circular needle cozy print is not shown so it will be a complete surprise but its very Halloween-ie! I love Halloween and the Autumn and felt the need to celebrate this time of year by doing something fun.

Each kit will be shipped around 1st October so we can all enjoy them throughout October and beyond....after all Halloween isn't just for October!


Small zip bag ideal for socks and other small projects such as a light shawl, toys, etc. and fits one ball/skein of yarn and circulars or DPNs. Little project bag that's ideal for taking out and about and popping into a handbag or other bag. Closes with a zip and is the perfect size for one ball of yarn and circular needles or DPNs.

Fully lined inside with a coloured co-coordinating fabric. Made with high quality cotton fabrics.

The size of this bag is approximately (when laid flat) 7.25" height, 10" wide and has a base depth of 3.75".


A zip bag ideal for socks and other small projects such as light shawls, toys, etc.

This bag closes with a zip and as you can see from the photos, is the perfect size for one or two balls of yarn and circular needles or DPNs. The inside photo has a complete ball of 100g West Yorkshire Spinners and you can see there is still plenty of room!

Fully lined inside with a co-coordinating fabric. This bag has been interfaced however it's still nice and squishy so it can be popped inside your handbag or car glove box but as you can see it's still strong enough to stand up on its own. Made with high quality cotton fabrics.

The loop on the bag is perfect for fitting over your hand so the bag can dangle from your wrist - great for commuter knitting! The bag can be folded down so that the yarn can be exposed and you can then pop it on your wrist and you can knit out of the bag, keeping the yarn safely tucked inside and your hands free to knit.

The size of this bag is approximately (when laid flat) 9.75" wide, 10" height and has a base depth of 3.75".


A great sized Project Bag that is perfect for all your knitting and stitching, ideal size for larger projects such as shawls, jumpers, cardies, etc.

You can see from the photos that it's very roomy inside and can hold quite a few balls of yarn and needles easily. Perfect for storing several small projects or garments, as you can see in the photos I have placed three skeins that haven't been balled or caked yet. To give you an accurate picture of sizing, you can see in the photo that I have two complete balls of yarn, three skeins and also 13" long bamboo needles all inside with room to spare - this bag is a whopper! So you are able to keep all your yarn and needles safe and cosy while you aren't working them!

The large loop fits over your hand so the bag can dangle from your wrist - great for commuter knitting! 

The style of this bag is a wedge so it opens up nice and wide and stands up on its own. The size measures (approximately) 13" wide, 12.75" high and 5" in depth of the bottom wedge. A 14" zip closes the bag and allows it to be really opened wide.

A cute little DPN cosy to keep your stitches perfectly organised on 6" DPNs or Double Pointed Needles. Can also be used with circular needles.

To use with DPNs simply arrange the stitches onto the needles and line up your needles, position the knitted garment between the snaps and close. To use with circular needles, just use as you would for DPNs and pull the cord out between the snap and inside edge of the cosy. Simples! All stitches kept neat and tidy so no more needles working their lose and dropping stitches or being poked by a needle when pulling your project from a bag.

Fully lined inside and lightly interfaced. I use my own designed pattern templates for cutting the fabrics therefore both sides of the cosy have the fabric pattern the right way up unlike some which have one side the right way and one upside down.

The size measures approx 7" wide and 2.25" high.

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