Next Shop Update ~ Knitters Carry All Backpacks will be available weekly from 4th November...check here, Instagram and Facebook for date and time announcements.
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Product sale dates

Here you will find a list of dates popular products that tend to sell out quickly will be released.

Knitters Carry All Backpack ~ THE bag for carrying your knitting project! Complete with notions pouch and many other useful design features, prefect for Yarn Festivals/Shows, Knit Nights, travel...

  • 14th November at 8pm (GMT/UK time)
  • 23rd November at 8pm (GMT/UK time)
  • 29th November at 8pm (GMT/UK time)
  • 5th December at 8pm (GMT/UK time)
  • 11th December at 8pm (GMT/UK time)
  • 19th December at 8pm (GMT/UK time)

There will also be other products added in these shop updates!