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About me

My name is Tracy and I design, stitch and make from my home studio in Nottinghamshire, England.  I spend most days crafting away in my studio with my workmate Charlie...who actually isn't that helpful and more of a distraction if I'm honest...

...and since we have a strict 'paws off' the fabrics and products policy, there isn't much for him to do but sit and look pretty.  I'm married and am mum of two boys.

I have a passion for all things creative - sewing, hand embroidery, knitting, crochet, dressmaking and always seem to have a project (or several!) on the go. I have over 20 years experience of sewing and have taken various, both private tutor run and nationally recognised, courses and workshops.

Project bags are a huge passion of mine! Not only do I love to source fun and beautiful, sometimes vintage, fabrics; I love to make and use these bags. As I mentioned, I always have several knitty projects on the go and a little bag is ideal to keep everything safe and organised and makes it handy for grabbing so I can knit at the park or while waiting for my boys.

I enjoy making so much that I felt I wanted to share my bits and bobs and first started with an Etsy shop.  After almost three years over there (at the time of writing this I'm proud to say 1400 sales and 694 feedback reviews left with an overall status of 5 stars!) I felt it was time to branch out into my own shop. Over time I've developed my products to include over knitting and stitching items such a DPN cozies, needle organisers, stitch marker cases along with making stitch markers and progress keepers and developing a range of polymer clay miniatures.

I have a YouTube Channel so that I can chat about all things crafty and share things I'm knitting, yarns I've discovered and sharing stitching projects.  If you pop over there you'll be sure to find out more about me. 

I am a bit of a magpie and have a sewing room full of lots of useful things (that's what I tell my husband anyway...). I enjoy spending hours looking around fabric shops and haberdashery stalls and I spend far too much time searching for yarn and just the right pattern to knit. It may sound a little corney but I am grateful and happy to be running this shop and surrounding myself with all the things I love and enjoy to do.