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So here is the first, of many I hope, blog posts on my fancy new shop site and I thought that as its the first one it would be prefect to give you a little background detail about how the shop came about.

I began making and selling project bags over on Etsy almost three years ago. I got started after my youngest boy went to school (I have two!) and found myself with time on my hands and a sewing machine begging to be used.  I've always been able to use a sewing machine and had several models over the years.  I've taken various, both private tutor run and nationally recognised, courses and workshops on sewing and dressmaking and its just something that clicks with me. 

I started making project bags for myself and once every project imaginable had a bag, I started handing them out to friends.  Realising how much I loved making little bags and getting so much joy from seeing them being used, it was time to start offering them for sale before I drowned in fabric.  I started adding a few to Etsy and I'm thrilled to say its gone from strength to strength.  

I started to use the money I had from the sales to buy more fabric and more items like the little metal charms and fixings for stitch markers and built up my product range slowly.  A new, slightly fancier, sewing machine was invested in and I started updating the shop on a regular basis.  I was lucky enough to have help from lovely friends on Instagram and YouTube podcasters to help spread the word about my business.  After those first few sales, I started to get return customers and recommendations which meant the world.

A wonderful image sent by Patty of as she was so pleased with her purchase

Fast forward to now and I've decide to take the plunge into opening my own .com site rather than stay in Etsy.  I've been fairly vocal and open on YouTube about the issues I had with the way Etsy was changing so I won't get back on my soapbox but I will say I'm so sad to see it change from being a place for true handcrafters to being a free for all/ship it in cheap and resell it big box kinda store.  After changes to their policies, I decided it was time to take a chance and put on my big girl pants and stop moaning and start doing something.

So here we are.  I have a list of ideas of things I can waffle on about so will be regularly blogging in this little corner of my site and will share more about me, my projects and things as time goes on.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and I look forward to chatting with you!


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