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Helloooo 2018!

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So here we are in another seems that that the years fly past faster each time.  I want to start by wishing you a Happy New Year and hope you have a wonderful year.  Thank you to everyone for the love and support shown to me in 2017.

If you follow me on Instagram (or you can find me here) you'll have seen that while I'm not one for New Years Eve, way too much expectation, or for setting resolutions I have been applying one word to my life for the past couple of years. 

Last years word was 'better'.  I had lots of areas in my life that I was happy but I wanted to better in so many of them.  And when I've taken stock and looked back at the year, I think I did okay.  

This years word is 'dynamic'.  I liked the word move as well but wanted something that fit a little more with the goals I want to achieve this year.  So I settled on dynamic...which is a actually a simpler way of saying to myself 'stop faffing around and wasting time and get on with it'.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog post...finally you'll probably be thinking.  I have some new ideas and thoughts on the direction the shop if heading and wanted to share them with you.

Shop updates ~ I'm aiming to try and add new products into the shop each Tuesday evening at 8pm GMT (thats the time in the UK).  I can't promise it will be every week but I certainly plan on trying.  I'm hoping if I have a regular day and time for the updates, this will let my lovely customers know what to expect of me and when.

One of a kind ~ I made some adjustments to the way I worked in 2017 and have decided that I will no longer be making several of the same bag.  This allows me to work a little more creatively and provides you with something that is a little more personal and special.  This does however mean that once a bag is sold there generally won't be another one exactly the same so don't hang around if you want something particular.

Pre-orders ~ During 2017 I cut down greatly on the amount of items I sold in the shop as a pre-order.  As I just mentioned, this allows me to work more creatively and keeps the shop stocked with lots of new and fresh things.  I will still be having a small number of pre-orders, mainly for the new Canvas Cube Bag (which you can find here) but these will be limited.

Clubs and Subscriptions ~ The jury is still out at the moment on if I'm going to continue offering these.  They take a huge amount of work and are a huge time constraint which means my time on getting new items into the shop is very limited which I think can make the shop feel a little scale.  But I know these are so well loved and they are always sold out so I'm having a bit of argument in my head as what to do!

Miniature Clay Charms ~ this is another thing I'm having an internal debate about!  I love these little charms so much however they take an enormous amount of time and energy to make.  I try and keep them stocked however they tend to sell out quickly (which is wonderful!) and I have been offering them on a pre-order basis to try and make them accessible to all.  However this means sometimes I can spend the whole day making charms!  Which is wonderful but when my time is limited, it neglects over areas of the shop...such a juggling act!  So I think in time these items will be phased out, I will leave them available for a little time to ensure if you wanted one you could get one and then I think I will go back to concentrating on sewing.

Podcast and Blogging ~ now these are probably the biggest changes!  I desperately want to get into a rhythm of sharing what I'm knitting and working on, new things for the shop and ideas I have, yarns I've purchased.  These are the things I love and what to share with you and I need to manage my time a little better to be able to share this with you.  In an ideal world, I'd love to blog here weekly and podcast twice a month....but the world isn't ideal isn't it?!

My YouTube channel

My YouTube channel

What I DON'T want to change ~ There are no change planned at the moment on the level of service I offer to you.  I want to keep offering the same high quality, handmade items and the same high level of service.  I try and work the best I can for everyone who stops by my shop and want this to continue.  I'm always clear and honest about the products I have available and the time scales that they'll be sent out to you.  These are all things I pride myself on and think they are the reason I have so many wonderful return customers.

So I think that's it for now, no great revelations or changes because I'd like think that everything is ticking over nicely and I'm thrilled with the shop and where it's headed since it's begun.  Just a few tweaks to keep it running well and things that I think will keep you folks happy.  I'll write another post soon with the exciting NEW things I have in mind for this year.

I'll pop off and drink my tea....My desk view


Thank you so much for your time, best wishes for 2018!

Tracy x

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