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3 month Bag and Accessories Club...thoughts behind it and the theme!

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I wanted to write a blog post about the final edition of this Club for 2017. You can find a little more info on the Clubs I run through out the year by clicking here and how I created the idea for Halloween 2016.
Throughout this year I've run 2 of the 3 Months Clubs...first Harry Potter and then Afternoon Tea.  I'm always completely overwhelmed by the success of these Clubs and how quickly they sell out.  I mean, you folks are taking a chance...I only give you a brief for my idea and then I out together super surprise packages that I send out each month and so far, each package has been an a roaring success.
So although I love these Clubs, they are a huge amount of work!  And by the time I've collected goodies to pop inside these packages, I'm normally out of pocket (and as much as I love what I do I also have to eat :) ) So I've ummed and ahhed wether to run a final edition for this year and have always had the sale date pencilled in.
But then I've designed such an amazing, exciting bag that's just grabbed me and I know I MUST run the Club again!  I've been in a little of a creative rut lately, my knitting mojo has left and I've felt it hard work to come up with exciting things for the shop and then...wham! Someone has pulled the hood off my head and the lightbulb has been flicked back on.

The theme of the final edition of this Club is Biscuits. Don't we all enjoy a nice cup of tea (or coffee!) and a nice biscuit on the side.  My idea for this theme has come about after my youngest child shared a stomach flu virus with me this weekend (thanks for that!) and as I was laid in bed an idea popped into my head.  What about a bag made from some beautiful Calico, plain, simplistic and classic but with a twist.  With a free motion machine embroidered biscuit made from felt on the front.  And a little strip of colour to match the biscuit.  Well, of course the ideas obvious isn't it *laughs*? 
I had to make the bag, while ill I planned in my head exactly what it would look like and how I would construct it.  Once I was feeling better, I cut out the pieces of felt  for the biscuit and away I went.
 I'm so thrilled with how it turned out.
That's the idea behind the theme and my idea for this Club is actually make it tailor-made for you.  I hope it comes across how excited I am by this idea. I've decided I'm going to let you choose the biscuit!  There'll be a choice from a Jammy Dodger (like above), a Custard Cream, a Bourbon, a Party Ring or a Chocolate Digestive.  That will be the biscuit that goes on the bag and other goodies such as the Notions Pouch and DPN holder being the same as the bag but with a smaller biscuit on.
And although I plan to sell the bags by themselves in the shop, the ones for the Club will be that extra bit special and have a few little twists. 
Slots for this Club are STRICTLY LIMITED! Once they're sold that's it!  As I have the return of the super popular Halloween and Christmas kits I have to limit the number of slots for this Club.
Club Details: 
The instalments will be sent around the middle of the month starting in September, then October and November and will be:

Month 1 ~ Ultimate Notions! Notions pouch made with the front fabric the same as the bag with one embroidered biscuit of your choice on and the back fabric patterned. 

Month 2 ~ Bag Month! As the photo this will be made of Calico and have one embroidered biscuit on the front and a little extra twist to make it exclusive to the Club. You'll receive a bag and zipper pull. This will be most popular sized bag which is 9.75" wide, 10" high and a base of 3.75".

Month 3 ~ Amazing Accessories! This month you'll get a DPN cozy made from the Calico fabric with one embroidered biscuit on the front, a set of stitch markers and a polymer clay charm. Also in this month you will get a 20g mini of yarn.

As well as the above main items each month there will be EXTRA surprise goodies! Everything in this Club will be themed around the idea of Afternoon Tea and will be things like sweets, cards, pencil, tasty drinks, notepad....lots of secret goodies.

EVERYTHING in this club is EXCLUSIVE to the cluband for the Club Members only, no products will be repeated or remade! The photos in the listing are just to give you an idea of what to expect to receive.

Each month I will ship one package to you, totalling in three all together. Shipping will happen around the middle of the month and you will be let know when your package is on the way.  Shipping payment is due on check out for the Club and is a one off payment to cover the 3 instalments. As shipping costs are estimates because package sizes and weights are unsure at this stage, if I find I have overcharged you I will refund you via PayPal. If your country is not listed for shipping please check out for using the "Everywhere Else' or "European Union' (depending on your location) option HOWEVER if I find out Royal Mail does accept package to ship to you I will have no choice but to cancel your order and issue you with a full refund which I will do within 24 hours of your order.
**Please do not check out for anything other than this listing, if you add extra items these will be delayed until the shipping of the first instalment**

This zippered bag is just the right size for popping inside larger project bags or just for keeping your stitch counters, needles, etc handy. As per the photographs I have placed a scissors, tape measure, crochet hook and row counter inside and they all fit in with a little room to spare.

Fully lined inside.

The style of this bag is a wedge so it opens up nice and wide and stands up on its own. The size measures approx 7.25" wide 4.5"high and 2.25" in depth of the bottom wedge.

A zip bag ideal for socks and other small projects such as light shawls, toys, etc.

This bag closes with a zip and as you can see from the photos, is the perfect size for one or two balls of yarn and circular needles or DPNs. The inside photo has a shawl I'm knitting on, the 100g ball of yarn I'm working from AND another complete ball of 100g West Yorkshire Spinners underneath!

Fully lined inside with a co-coordinating fabric. This bag has been interfaced however it's still nice and squishy so it can be popped inside your handbag or car glove box but as you can see it's still strong enough to stand up on its own. Made with high quality cotton fabrics.

The loop on the bag is perfect for fitting over your hand so the bag can dangle from your wrist - great for commuter knitting! The bag can be folded down so that the yarn can be exposed and you can then pop it on your wrist and you can knit out of the bag, keeping the yarn safely tucked inside and your hands free to knit.

The size of this bag is approximately (when laid flat) 9.75" wide, 10" height and has a base depth of 3.75".

A cute little DPN cosy to keep your stitches perfectly organised on 6" DPNs or Double Pointed Needles. Can also be used with circular needles.

To use with DPNs simply arrange the stitches onto the needles and line up your needles, position the knitted garment between the snaps and close. To use with circular needles, just use as you would for DPNs and pull the cord out between the snap and inside edge of the cosy. Simples! All stitches kept neat and tidy so no more needles working their lose and dropping stitches or being poked by a needle when pulling your project from a bag.

Fully lined inside and lightly interfaced. I use my own designed pattern templates for cutting the fabrics therefore both sides of the cosy have the fabric pattern the right way up unlike some which have one side the right way and one upside down.

The size measures approx 7" wide and 2.25" high.
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