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2nd Birthday has felt crazy and slightly off kilter just lately.  I think its due to all the extra work making this new online home has taken, having my boys off school and now one away on a school trip for a week, cars breaking down and the general hustle and bustle of life.  Then to top it off the wicked attacks that have been happening and how they have touched us, they seem to be getting closer to us and affecting people we actually know...makes them more tangible and I can't stop start thinking about those involved.  Plus the general feel of uncertainty due to the looming General Election that is happening tomorrow.

Ugh. Life can be a bit heavy right?!  Yesterday things kinda came to a head and I literally walked out my studio and plonked myself on the sofa to knit.  A rather large mess awaited me this morning. I don't want to make this post all doom and gloom and several of you have probably stopped reading by now (who can blame you?) but I just want to share where I've been at mentally and why I feel like I'm dropping balls all over the place...Ravelry being one for a start!  I am actually a real person and sometimes working on your own and being creative is hard, I'm not moaning or complaining just stating a fact.  Amazing and wonderful and I wouldn't change it but some days are simply tougher than others. 

The mess that greeted me today!

But today is a bright and shiny new day...and filled with gale force winds actually.  So I've mentally brushed myself off, made a huge cup of tea because after all I'm British and there isn't much us Brits don't think a cup of tea will solve.  That and mentioning the weather which I just did in this paragraph so ticking all those stereotypes boxes today.  And I've made a huge 'To do list' and I've promised myself today will be the day I'm productive and will do those all things I've been putting off.

After all that waffling I'm about to come to the actual point of my post. Once I'd dropped off the one child at school this morning, walking home a thought hit me.  The date. I was sure at this time last year I did an Instagram post about my shop being one year old.  A quick search confirmed that yes, I'd missed the date.  Today is the 7th and the anniversary was on the 4th.  So in celebration I'm offering you lovely folks a discount code off ALL orders in the shop for a short while.  Simply enter '2ndBirthday' at checkout for 10% OFF.

So there we go.  A little chatter about why I feel so behind and if you managed to stick with me a treat of a discount code.

Some of the most beautiful and whimsical fabrics that just arrived

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