Next Shop Update ~ Knitters Carry All Backpacks will be available weekly from 4th November...check here, Instagram and Facebook for date and time announcements.
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***The Knitters Carry All Backpack will be available for ordering on a weekly basis from 4th November.  I plan on updating the quantities available each week with a quicker turnaround on making the Backpacks. Please see Instagram and Facebook for times and dates announced.***

Orders for Canvas Cube Bags are currently BEING ACCEPTED! They are available to order in Large and Small and now With Pockets! ...this is a brand new design of mine for 2018!  So far, these bags have been super popular and have been currently sold out since they were introduced.  The style of this bag is unique as it's a huge Cube shape to allow more yarn to be stored, they have one have an inside pocket AND a secret opening inside the lining of the bag which allows the fastenings of pin badges to be kept away from bag contents.  Click here for more details.  I have developed this design to now have a Large and Small version and also a Pocket version.

Knitters Carry All Backpack

The Knitters Carry All Backpack

Canvas Cube Bag

  • Knitters Carry All Backpack
  • Canvas Cube Knitting Project Bag and Yarn Storage